I’m a writer, editor and digital storyteller. I hold a humanities Ph.D. and have science writing experience: If you have a difficult topic, I have a simple way to describe it.

ConcertoMates [at] gmail [dot] com



Wasted Food Is a Bigger Problem Than You Think
Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism — So What Does?
Keytruda Just One of a New Class of Cancer Drugs to Restart the Immune System
Only a Fraction of Cancer Patients Benefit From Clinical Trials That Could Save Their Lives
Is da Vinci Robotic Surgery a Revolution or a Rip-off?
Endometriosis Can Be Deadly, But Women Wait Years for a Diagnosis

Stanford School of Medicine

Work on Scope, Stanford School of Medicine blog
Brochures on heart surgeries: bypass and AFib treatments

SF Weekly cover stories

“New Money”
“Continuing Evolution of 24th Street”


California magazine: “Crash Course: U.C. Berkeley and its surge of foreign freshmen struggle to adjust to one another”

California magazine: “NPR’s White House Reporter Tells Grads A Secret to Her Success: Not Realizing Limitations”

The Recorder: “Kmart, Plaintiffs Strike Deal in Seating Case”

Work from SingularityHub

Work from MediaBistro

Work from IDG News

The Bay Area Reporter: “Transcode program trains job seekers for success”

The Thin Green Line blog (sole author)

California Lawyer: “Firms Help Each Other Go Green”, “Parceling Out PG&E Land”, “Bad Times for Good Programs”

Earth Island Journal feature: “The Amazon: It’s What’s for Dinner”

Mother Jones: November/December 2007, July 2007, March 2007

Multimedia Work

Social media memes
Medical infographics
Journalistic infographics
Other collateral (napkin dispenser cover)


ConcertoMates [at] gmail [dot] com
Find me on LinkedIn


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